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Aug 14

Life and Fresh Salsa

This evening I made fresh salsa. I’ve made salsa before, and it is always a hit around here. I’m a firm believer in “fresh and homemade is always better.” It really isn’t that difficult – chop some tomatoes, peppers, onions, tweak it a little, and Boom! And yet, I can’t recall the last time before …

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Feb 25

Vegan Sausage Links

On my “real food” quest to make as much of our food from scratch, I have been searching for recipes to replace packaged items I would normally purchase. I have a couple recipes I like to prepare using Grain Company sausage (either the Italian or the Apple Sage). Even before this recent Real Food endeavor, …

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Feb 02

100% Whole Wheat Bread and Pizza Crust

I’m making  some progress around here switching us from more processed ingredients to real foods. While I do bake all of our bread, I typically work with a mixture of all purpose, whole wheat and garbanzo flour. The past two weeks I have been working to make all my baked goods with 100% whole wheat. …

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Jan 31

Whole Wheat Graham Crackers

As I work to transition us away from processed food as much as possible, I have been trying to prepare from-scratch versions of things we consume on a regular basis. With kids in the house, we eat a lot of graham crackers around here. So I wanted to find a graham cracker recipe we liked so …

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Jan 29

Peanut Butter Granola

In our attempt to overhaul our eating around here, and weed out some of the processed food and refined sugar that have made their way into our kitchen, I have been looking for more homemade breakfast items and snacks to keep on hand. With small children, this is a MUST. I found a wonderful peanut …

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Jan 20

Real Food

Life has been a little hectic around here for the past few months. Juggling homeschooling and trying to keep up with the house and administrative stuff while keeping up with our 18-month old AND being very pregnant – well, some things have fallen to the wayside. Like cooking. Obviously, I make a ton of effort …

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