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Aug 14

Life and Fresh Salsa

This evening I made fresh salsa. I’ve made salsa before, and it is always a hit around here. I’m a firm believer in “fresh and homemade is always better.” It really isn’t that difficult – chop some tomatoes, peppers, onions, tweak it a little, and Boom! And yet, I can’t recall the last time before …

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Sep 12

Dinnertime Roundup Part 2

Lots of cooking here at Casa Mitchell, and rather than put them into individual posts, I thought I would catch up with a short update and some food porn. Finally invested in a full size (4 quart) crockpot. My old one is from when I was a single graduate student, and is a bit small …

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Oct 02

Vegetable Chili with Pumpkin and Kidney Beans

Tonight I tried a new chili recipe. I rarely deviate from my tried and true recipe that I’ve used for years, but I sampled this chili at the Common Market Owner’s Fest last weekend and have been anxious to try it at home. And now that its Fall, I try to do a lot of …

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Sep 19

Spaghetti squash yum!


A couple of weeks ago I picked up a spaghetti squash from the co-op, and finally got around to baking it last night. Spaghetti squash is so simple to prepare – I slice in half, scrape out the seeds (I keep finding strays on the floor…) and bake on a cookie sheet or stoneware bar …

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Sep 15

Basil Overload

Tonight was a Bruschetta night at our house. Yesterday at the farmer’s market I got a bunch of purple basil, and combined it with my measly crop from my balcony. I love making a simple pesto with basil, walnuts and a drizzle of olive oil. Tuscany bread brushed with olive oil, and then topped with …

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Sep 14

Fall is in the Air

As we move into the much-needed Fall weather, I am gearing up for cold weather crops. Already the shift is apparent at the farmers market. Apples are in full swing and peaches are almost done. I am scrambling to get my fill of both. Likewise, greens and squash are showing up. The local farmers who …

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Sep 04

Dinnertime roundup

I’ve fallen behind in my posts recently but have a backlog of food porn to share. These are from the last two weeks of cooking. Now that I have found a source for Daiya cheese nearby (ok, its a 40 minute drive but I try to couple the trip with a visit to the fabulous …

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Aug 16

What Does a Vegan Eat, Anway?! Part 1

One of the comments that seems to be most common, upon learning that I am a vegan and that my husband and I are raising our daughter as a vegan, is honestly a sense of amazement that we could go without cheese. In fact, with many vegetarians, the thought of giving up cheese (and to …

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