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Sep 08

Biscuits and bread

I’ve been trying to let Kyri have more kitchen responsibilities, and she has been excited to take on more tasks. This weekend she prepped a batch of biscuits for brunch, and we put together a video for one of her DIY challenges (I’ll be posting more on this soon). I’ve shared this recipe before, and …

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Jul 03

Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Artisan Bread in the Crock Pot

            I love my crock pot. Whether I am cooking beans for the week, or making soup, stew, or chili, I’ve got my crock pot going at least once or twice a week. So I was pretty excited when I was invited to take part in a month long Crock …

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Aug 01

Fresh homemade bread every day!

I love fresh bread – the texture, the smell, the taste, the warmth that melts the butter when you’ve sliced it before giving it time to cool. I’ve tried homemade bread before on several occasions. I don’t know if I am not kneading long enough, too long, the yeast is bad, whatever. I have never …

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Jan 29

Banana Walnut Bread

This is my tried and true recipe for Banana Walnut Bread. It’s a family favorite, and the dish my husband requests most (and complains that I don’t make often enough…). Banana bread is a quick bread that can be enjoyed as a warm breakfast bread, or even as a dessert. With a preschooler in the …

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