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Sep 08

Biscuits and bread

I’ve been trying to let Kyri have more kitchen responsibilities, and she has been excited to take on more tasks. This weekend she prepped a batch of biscuits for brunch, and we put together a video for one of her DIY challenges (I’ll be posting more on this soon). I’ve shared this recipe before, and …

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Jun 16

Vegan Southern-style Biscuits

Saturdays around here usually mean a hearty breakfast of some sort. Cinnamon oatmeal pancakes and sausage are our usual dish, but I found us lacking maple syrup, so I had to switch to Plan B – Sausage Biscuits. While I make a lot of our food from scratch, sausage isn’t yet one of them. I …

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May 27

Pumpkin Biscuits


As promised, I am posting the recipe for the Pumpkin Biscuits I made this morning. These were wonderful! These are simple to put together and quick to bake, so if you are doing a single batch, you should be eating in 30 minutes. I originally found a recipe for Pecan Pumpkin biscuits a long time …

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