Resources that I make for my own use are freely available. If you want to share with others, please link back to my site rather than just sharing files. Thanks!

***To download, click left-click on the file name, and from the next screen you can right-click to save.

Home Management

DailyDocket2 (pdf) DailyDocket2 (doc)
DailyDocket (doc)

Two Week Dinner Menu Planner TWOWEEKMENU (doc)

Homeschooling – Planning

Objectives for 6 week period: OBJECTIVES_6WEEKS (doc)
Subject Plan for 6 week period: SUBJECT_6weeks (doc)

Weekly lesson plan: Weekly_lessonplan (doc)


Homeschool Printable and Resources

Place Value Visual Aid: PlaceValue (doc)

Personal Bible Study Resources – available in PDF format




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