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Sep 26

Vegetable Seitan Mini Pot Pie

Ever since our mini apple pies were a hit a few weeks ago, I have been anxious to make some mini pies for dinner. Tonight I prepped a double batch of my usual pie crust along with a variation of my  vegetable seitan stew. These didn’t last long around here, but in theory these would …

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Sep 19

Coconut, Mango and Banana Muffins

We’ve been recovering from a wicked stomach virus over the weekend and so I haven’t done any cooking in the last several days, beyond mac and cheese. This morning I wanted to get the morning started right for the family, so I prepped a batch of these gems. These came out awesome and now I …

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Sep 14

Mango Squooshis

I’ve got an almost-9-month old who is starting solid foods and a 2-year-old who loves to eat fruit, and so I am constantly prepping fruit for them. I love the idea of having pureed food in a pouch – very convenient for the little one, and novel enough to hold the toddler’s attention. But I …

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Sep 13

Asparagus Phyllo Luvavs

We participate in a messianic homeschool group and this week to celebrate the upcoming Sukkot holiday, I prepared asparagus wrapped in phyllo to resemble the luvav. I’ve prepared this before, but did make some changes this time around. I used fresh (instead of frozen) asparagus and sauteed the asparagus for just a couple of minutes in olive …

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Sep 09

Italian tri-colored shells

I wanted to share another dish in which I use the vegan sausage links. I try to prep a double batch of the sausage and then prepare a few different dishes during the week to use all that I have made. This week I prepared a simple tomato sauce that used 5 or 6 of the …

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Sep 08

Biscuits and bread

I’ve been trying to let Kyri have more kitchen responsibilities, and she has been excited to take on more tasks. This weekend she prepped a batch of biscuits for brunch, and we put together a video for one of her DIY challenges (I’ll be posting more on this soon). I’ve shared this recipe before, and …

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Sep 06

Raw nut cookies

I’ve seriously been eating waaaay too many of these suckers. They are really giving my poor food processor a workout. I really just eyeball the ingredients as I mix them, so I don’t have a “recipe” per say. But here is an approximate recipe. This is also a versatile recipe so you can change it …

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Sep 05

Sausage Skillet

I’ve shared the recipe for vegan sausage links I make previously, but it is such a versatile food that I wanted to show one of the meals I use it in. This is a simple skillet dish. I saute carrots, celery and collard greens. I pour a cup of vegetable stock over the veggies and …

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