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Nov 01

Bruschetta and pizza

We wrapped up the Vegan Month of Food around here with two days of very yummy food. Last week I was pretty bad about doing any cooking since my husband was gone, so I tried to make up for it this weekend and early this week.  A simple linguine with tomato sauce and a small …

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Oct 27

Homefried Potatoes

I haven’t been Mofo’ing this week since my husband has been out of town.When he is gone, and I am left with the kids and dogs all by myself, I tend to just scratch by. We’ve eaten a lot of cereal and peanut butter sandwiches this week as a result. I did manage to cook …

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Oct 22


We love sushi night around here. We have cut back the frequency to help keep our budget under control, but doing it less often makes it more of a special treat. I’ve posted previously how I prepare our rolls. Our most recent nigth, I had to use “party” nori sheets – essentially just half sheets …

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Oct 21

Fall Baking – Pumpkin Everything Part 1

I usually hit my pumpkin streak mid-October and keep it going through the holidays. Fall just doesn’t feel right, to me, without something pumpkiny to eat or drink. I actually had a more ambitious plan for this weekend, as far as baking goes, but this was still pretty preductive day overall. We have been trying …

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Oct 19

Simple Stroganoff

If you have read any of my Saving the Grocery Budget posts, you know we are working to get our grocery spending under control. One way I have been doing this is to make simpler meals. Honestly, while I love to cook and prepare elaborate meals, its makes more sense with our schedules to keep …

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Oct 17

More strawberries…

I prepped a double batch of Strawberry Jam – I ended up not having enough pectin on hand for a double batch so I went with the non-pectin recipe I used before. I canned three quarts of jam – one went into the fridge (and got used in another recipe) and two went into the …

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Oct 13

Strawberry sweet treats

I’ve mentioned recently that we participate in a discount organic produce cooperative, and earlier this week an opportunity to buy organic strawberries came up. Who can resist this? My kids and I love strawberries, so I picked up forty pounds of strawberries. My fridge has been packed full with strawberries, and I am feverishly working …

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Oct 12

Blueberry Lime Jam

We recently picked up a ton of organic blueberries through a local produce distributor. We take advantage of discount organic buys relatively frequently. I still have a long overdue post on one of the 40 pound banana buys we took advantage of – hopefully I can get caught up! Anyway, even though the kids were loving all …

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