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Oct 05

Vegan Soft Serve at Green Vegetarian in San Antonio

As a parent, I try not to bribe my kid with food or use food as a reward. One reason for this is that it puts too much value on a certain type of food (usually sweets or candy) over real food. However, I am not a complete ogre and we certainly do enjoy our sweet …

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May 21

Our visit to Sunny Day Farms Animal Sanctuary!


We spent an amazing afternoon this past Saturday visiting Sunny Day Farms Animal Sanctuary – a farm animal sanctuary located just west of San Antonio. This is the largest sanctuary in Texas that rescues farm animals and owner Brooke Chavez has been giving selflessly for over ten years. We have been wanting to visit since …

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Apr 09

Unconditional Parenting:Reconsider Requests (Principle 2)


 “…before searching for some method to get kids to do what we tell them, we should first take the time to rethink the value or necessity or our requests.” (Kohn, p. 122) It seems as a parent we spend most of our day asking our kids to do things. Repeatedly. With little success. I know …

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Apr 01

Texas VegFest


Yesterday the kids and I spent the day exploring Texas Vegfest in beautiful Austin. What an awesome event! There were speakers and cooking demonstrations, food and product vendors, food samples, music, and a play area for the children. It was just me wrangling the kids, so I didn’t get to sit in on any of …

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Jan 24

Teaching children in the kitchen

If we expect our children to appreciate good wholesome food and make wise decisions as they become more independent, it is important that they learn from us at home. We can’t expect them to make good food choices if they don’t see this happening on a daily basis in their own kitchen. I think its …

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Nov 02

Happy Vegan Family

After a long day at work, and a last minute rush to the polling station, I was NOT feeling motivated to cook when we got home. Dinner tonight was black bean mix and tortillas. I managed to convince the kiddo that a tofurky sandwich would be perfect for dinner. She’s almost 4 and always tells …

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Sep 14

Raising Vegan Children

Raising children is a hard enough venture, and throw in a lifestyle choice that is not the “mainstream” and it becomes that much more difficult. Raising our daughter vegetarian (and ultimately vegan) was a choice made during pregnancy that both myself (the vegan) and my spouse (the opportunistic carnivore) were confident with, even though we …

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