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Feb 24

Around the Homestead

It’s hard to believe we have been living in our new home four months already. While we still have so many projects to do around the property and the house, I am still amazed at all we have done so far. When we first moved in, it was ROUGH living for a few weeks. But …

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Jan 15

Natural Laundry Soap

It’s that time again – with a larger family it seems like I am always doing laundry. I always chuckle when I read about folks with “laundry days” where they can bang out their laundry in an hour or two a week. I find myself needing to do one or two loads a day to …

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Aug 15

Herb Thursday: Tea Tree Oil Deodorant

I finally took the plunge and made my own deodorant. My husband is under strict orders to give me his honest feedback on whether or not it works. This is my variation on a recipe that I have seen in many forms around the internet, so I have high hopes. Here in South Texas, our …

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Jul 04

Herb Thursday: Body Powder

One of my fondest memories of my grandmother, who recently passed away, is of the body powder puff that was a fixture in her bathroom. It was not anything fancy, just a simple shallow container with a matching powder puff on top. She would dust herself with a bit of talcum powder after her shower. …

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May 30

Herb Thursday: Essential Oil Room and Linen Spray

Last year I started a series here at the vegan bee called Herb Thursday. My original intention was to focus on one herb for several weeks and write about different uses, background information, etc. Well, life happened and my project got put to the side. But I really like the idea of writing about herbal …

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Apr 29

Barter and Swap

As we work to simplify our lives and be more sustainable, we have made the effort to make much of our food from scratch. We are connected to a community of like-minded folks in the area who are also walking a similar path. This weekend we participated in a Barter and Swap meet. Several of us …

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Apr 04

Time for Berries!

I finally finished processing the 36 pints of organic blueberries we bought through our discount produce co-op. I dehydrated several pints and vacuum sealed them. The remaining blueberries (minus the several pints that we snacked on) were made into jam and put back. I got a little over 9 pints canned, lined up nice and …

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Jan 20

Real Food

Life has been a little hectic around here for the past few months. Juggling homeschooling and trying to keep up with the house and administrative stuff while keeping up with our 18-month old AND being very pregnant – well, some things have fallen to the wayside. Like cooking. Obviously, I make a ton of effort …

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