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Aug 17

The End of Summer

We are wrapping up our summer, along with our extended stay in Georgia. We’ve got a few holdouts in the garden, like the grape tomatoes, green peppers and our zinnias, but the cucumbers, squash and watermelons are done. Kyri has been eating the grape tomatoes straight off the branches as they become ripe, so no …

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Mar 14

Saturday Morning Sunshine

We’ve had a bit of rain and cold weather lately, so it was so nice to have a Saturday with sunshine and warm weather! I took the kids for a short hike at Government Canyon State Park. With kids this young it was actually less hiking and more exploring, but everyone enjoyed themselves!

Feb 15

A Day with Snails

Okay, maybe snails, pill bugs, worms, and lots and lots of dirt.    We spent the afternoon in our backyard Saturday, enjoying the warm weather and each other’s company. After some family work, tidying up the yard and cutting grass, the kids had a blast exploring under rocks and collecting their favorite pill bugs.    …

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Sep 16

Natural Hand Sanitizer

With younger children running around touching everything, I try to keep a supply of hand sanitizer and other balms tucked in my bag whenever we are out. While I prefer to just have my kiddos use soap and water, it’s nice to have something quick for little hands.    Natural Hand Sanitizer   6 ounces …

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Aug 18

Vegan Body Balm


I have a new favorite skin care product!     I usually struggle with dry skin in the winter months, suffering from cracked hands and flaking skin on my face. My skin usually recovers by spring. This year, however, my skin has remained dry and flaky long after the cold weather has passed. I suspect …

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Nov 10

Pear Jam

I love being able to purchase organic produce at our local produce wholesaler. I recently split a bulk order of pears with a friend, and used my 10-plus pounds to prepare a double batch of pear jam. I used the Pear Jam recipe from my Ball Canning Guide.  I realized after I was already committed …

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Aug 29

Herb Thursday: Witchhazel Toner

I have a very simple skin care routine – much simpler than when I was in my 20s. I usually wash my face with clay or a gentle vegan soap (homemade, but not by me…yet). At night, a simple rinse with water is sufficient. I no longer wear makeup so my skin doesn’t require anything more …

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Aug 22

Herb Thursday: Calendula Ointment

Calendula is a staple in my herbal first aid kit. A basic calendula ointment is excellent to keep on hand for all manners of cuts, scrapes and irritation. While there are very good commercially-available calendula ointments (I like Boiron), it is easy enough to prepare a homemade batch. This is a recent preparation of calendula ointment …

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