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Nov 08

Three Weeks In

We purchased a cottage on 1-acre in the woods of the Florida Panhandle three weeks ago. It’s a real fixer-upper, but each day we make a little more progress. The first week, running water was the biggest task. Some of the water pipes had cracked during the period the house sat uninhabited. The first few …

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Oct 19

Four Walls and a Roof

If you follow me on Instagram ( and I hope you do! – I share pictures and updates regularly there), you know my family has been camping for the past month. We have been bouncing around this idea of downsizing our home, getting some acreage, and living minimally for a couple of years now. We …

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Dec 06

Christmas bloat

‘Tis the season for running up credit card debt, acting less than human while shopping, and purchasing things that are not needed or wanted, and will be end up clogging landfills in less than a decade. While we are far from living as minimalists, we have come a long way in reducing our clutter – …

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Mar 31

(In)voluntary Simplicity

Our family is going through major upheaval, with a relocation halfway across the country. Complicating this is move is the fact that it is occurring in two stages. My husband has moved already and has taken all our our possessions with him, while I am here with our four-year-old and animals in an unfurnished apartment. …

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Jan 07

The Joy of Less

Becoming minimalist is a journey, I am finding, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. I have bursts of activity, purging things and getting organized, followed by periods of inactivity. But at least I can say I have not been backsliding. For my book collecting, I have kept with my determination of using the library for …

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Sep 06

Sewing and refurbishing items

When the average person (including myself) thinks of minimalism, the idea of fewer possessions, fewer luxuries, and less waste probably comes to mind. In my progression, I have purged belongings that were not being used, and I have tried to be more mindful of purchases that I am making. One other aspect that of minimalism …

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Sep 05

The Book Progression

As an admitted bibliophile, I have been looking for ways to tackle my book collection in my downsizing project. While I expected parting with so many books to be difficult, I have really found encouragement in all the other progress that has been made in our household, and how good it feels to get rid …

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Aug 17

The power of vertical

As we are settling into our new apartment, the unpacking and putting away of items is pretty much complete. Now comes the more detailed organizing. Purging was a major theme of this move, and I relished donating pieces of furniture, and definitely the bulky television. However, I do accept that some items will be necessary …

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