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Aug 14

Life and Fresh Salsa

This evening I made fresh salsa. I’ve made salsa before, and it is always a hit around here. I’m a firm believer in “fresh and homemade is always better.” It really isn’t that difficult – chop some tomatoes, peppers, onions, tweak it a little, and Boom! And yet, I can’t recall the last time before …

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Aug 17

The End of Summer

We are wrapping up our summer, along with our extended stay in Georgia. We’ve got a few holdouts in the garden, like the grape tomatoes, green peppers and our zinnias, but the cucumbers, squash and watermelons are done. Kyri has been eating the grape tomatoes straight off the branches as they become ripe, so no …

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Feb 15

A Day with Snails

Okay, maybe snails, pill bugs, worms, and lots and lots of dirt.    We spent the afternoon in our backyard Saturday, enjoying the warm weather and each other’s company. After some family work, tidying up the yard and cutting grass, the kids had a blast exploring under rocks and collecting their favorite pill bugs.    …

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Sep 29

Fall Gardening

I am going into my second winter here in San Antonio. Having lost my summer garden some time in August due to the heat and dry conditions, I am looking forward to some cooler weather crops. This Spring we had an overabundance of leaf lettuces, and this Fall I want to take advantage of our extended …

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Apr 04

Spring garden production


I’m not sure how much longer Spring will last around here, with the temperatures already creeping up into the 80s, but I have had some wonderful veggies coming out of the garden so far. We have an entire box of lettuce, and it has been producing quite well, so I am currently in salad heaven. I’ve let …

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