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Nov 10

Pear Jam

I love being able to purchase organic produce at our local produce wholesaler. I recently split a bulk order of pears with a friend, and used my 10-plus pounds to prepare a double batch of pear jam. I used the Pear Jam recipe from my Ball Canning Guide.  I realized after I was already committed …

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Apr 04

Time for Berries!

I finally finished processing the 36 pints of organic blueberries we bought through our discount produce co-op. I dehydrated several pints and vacuum sealed them. The remaining blueberries (minus the several pints that we snacked on) were made into jam and put back. I got a little over 9 pints canned, lined up nice and …

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Oct 12

Blueberry Lime Jam

We recently picked up a ton of organic blueberries through a local produce distributor. We take advantage of discount organic buys relatively frequently.¬†I still have a long overdue post on one of the 40 pound banana buys we took advantage of –¬†hopefully I can get caught up! Anyway, even though the kids were loving all …

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Sep 19

Dehydrating peaches

In an attempt to put up as many peaches as possible and enjoy them through the winter, I’ve started dehydrating a large portion of what I’ve been getting from the farmer’s market. Using my new Nesco dehydrator, I”ve finished one batch already, and have a large bag from this past weeks market that will need …

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