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Sep 29

Fall Gardening

I am going into my second winter here in San Antonio. Having lost my summer garden some time in August due to the heat and dry conditions, I am looking forward to some cooler weather crops. This Spring we had an overabundance of leaf lettuces, and this Fall I want to take advantage of our extended …

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May 26

Chocolate Covered Pretzels


The nearest natural foods store is a 20-30 minute drive downtown, so we only make the hike every couple of weeks. We usually head to HEB Central Market and stock up on bulk items and perishables like Grain Co sausage (I need to just bite the bullet and make the darn things myself… I know) and …

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Apr 10

Pinto beans with spinach and broccoli


As we move into warmer weather (we are already in the mid-80’s here in South Texas!) I am losing my desire to be in front of a hot stove for very long. I am looking for meals that involve my crockpot and minimal range time. I am trying to avoid the oven except for baking bread. As …

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Apr 01

Texas VegFest


Yesterday the kids and I spent the day exploring Texas Vegfest in beautiful Austin. What an awesome event! There were speakers and cooking demonstrations, food and product vendors, food samples, music, and a play area for the children. It was just me wrangling the kids, so I didn’t get to sit in on any of …

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Mar 27

Rain barrel – all set up!


I posted recently about the Rain Barrel workshop I attended at the San Antonio Botanical Garden, and how I came home with a finished (very blue) rain barrel. I finally have pictures of the final product. I had to paint my rain barrel a neutral color to not incure the wrath of my HOA, so …

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Mar 22

Hash browns and italian sausage


We usually try to keep it pretty healthy around here for breakfast – oatmeal, peanut butter on homemade bread, or a smoothie. On the weekends we usually splurge and have oatmeal cinnamon pancakes and veggies sausage, but even that is fairly healthy. So I’m not really sure what got into me, but I got the …

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Mar 21

Sweet potato chips


I was in the mood for sweet potato chips recently. The healthy part of me wanted something low-fat and not greasy, but the not-so-healthy part of me wanted to get a little crazy, so in the end I obliged both of them. I peeled raw sweet potatoes into thin strips (discarding the outer peel) – …

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Mar 07

Simple Chickpeas


The spring weather and some much needed yardwork has kept me away from the computer these last several days. Kyri and I have worked on a couple garden projects that I’ll share soon, once I get caught up. For now, though, I figured I would share a quick meal I prepared tonight. I am all …

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