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May 05

Perfect Potatoes

We love baked potatoes but don’t love the tedious process of poking, wrapping, baking, checking for doneness, and of course heating up the kitchen for an hour baking them. I wanted to prep potatoes for dinner, as well as enough for sending in with my husband for lunch. I prepared half a bag of russets …

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May 05

Seasoned Anasazi Beans

I finally caved to peer pressure and ordered an Instant Pot. Here is the model I got – we are a family of six, so I opted to go with the 8 quart model. You can expect a ton of new recipes as I explore my new gadget! Note: I am not familiar with other …

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Apr 05

Potato Soup For All Seasons

My husband and I have a running joke – after serving soup for dinner, he will eat his fill, compliment the food,  and then ask what’s for dinner. Soup is often relegated to the lowly position of side dish or appetizer  – Do you want soup or salad with your meal? – instead of main …

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May 16

New Product Review: Vegan Egg

I found a local source of Follow Your Heart’s new product VeganEgg. I was quite excited to try this! Typically when I bake I use either EnerG Egg Replacer or Flax Seed, but it was interesting to see a vegan egg replacer that can actually be eaten as an egg, and not just serve as …

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Feb 08

Out of the Loop

Until fairly recently I was an avid blog reader, following a variety of writers on topics such as vegan living, minimalism, homesteading and homeschooling. I have been someone adrift since Google Reader was shuttered last summer. After the shutdown, I immediately switched over to feedly, and at some point, apparently I also signed up for …

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Sep 08

Biscuits and bread

I’ve been trying to let Kyri have more kitchen responsibilities, and she has been excited to take on more tasks. This weekend she prepped a batch of biscuits for brunch, and we put together a video for one of her DIY challenges (I’ll be posting more on this soon). I’ve shared this recipe before, and …

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Jul 31

Apple Cinnamon Steel Cut Oats in the Crockpot

  Also check out the other crock pot recipes that some of my favorite bloggers came up with. Crock Pot Group Disclaimer: This is not a vegan blogging group, so the posts included in the link-up *may* include non-vegan entrees.  Au Jus Beef Tips Link – The Late Farmer French Onion Soup – Happy Accidents …

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Feb 02

100% Whole Wheat Bread and Pizza Crust

I’m makingĀ  some progress around here switching us from more processed ingredients to real foods. While I do bake all of our bread, I typically work with a mixture of all purpose, whole wheat and garbanzo flour. The past two weeks I have been working to make all my baked goods with 100% whole wheat. …

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