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Mar 14

Saturday Morning Sunshine

We’ve had a bit of rain and cold weather lately, so it was so nice to have a Saturday with sunshine and warm weather! I took the kids for a short hike at Government Canyon State Park. With kids this young it was actually less hiking and more exploring, but everyone enjoyed themselves!

Feb 15

A Day with Snails

Okay, maybe snails, pill bugs, worms, and lots and lots of dirt.    We spent the afternoon in our backyard Saturday, enjoying the warm weather and each other’s company. After some family work, tidying up the yard and cutting grass, the kids had a blast exploring under rocks and collecting their favorite pill bugs.    …

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Mar 28


I recently tweeted that I’ve been trying to get up earlier to have some “me” time before anyone else wakes up.    I used to consider myself a night owl, staying up late to get things done or just watch some television alone. But I want to be able to read a bit, tackle some …

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Jan 08

Speech Delays

  Our middle child, Ender, is 2 1/2 and has been slow to talk. At his 2-year wellness visit, our pediatrician was concerned when I told him Ender only had a handful (less than 10) of words. He recommended having an evaluation by a speech therapist. I am not a fan of quick intervention, believing …

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Apr 16


I saw a lot of sibling pictures floating around Facebook last week for Sibling Day. It made me reflect on the sibling relationship forming between Kyri and Ender. Kyri is such a good big sister! She mothers Ender – feeding him, helping him get dressed, being attentive to his needs. She is his playmate – …

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Jan 14


If you had asked me a few years ago, I would have told you I envisioned our ideal family as a family of four. But with a lot of discussion, we decided we did want to grow the family a bit, and having a third child sounded like a good idea. And I know people …

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Jan 03

Welcoming the new year

I took a couple weeks off with the holidays and the arrival of our third child the weekend before Christmas. We have had quite the relaxed school schedule, and now that we are settling into a routine (and our co-op starts back after our two-week holiday break…) it’s time to get our new year started. …

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Nov 26

The Advent Season

We made it through Thanksgiving weekend, relaxed and very full. We don’t usually travel anymore for holidays since we live so far from our families. This has benefits (saves on travel stress and expenses and potentially splitting up for holidays) but also the unfortunate drawbacks (I miss seeing family for holidays!). But we have our …

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