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Nov 10

The Pregnancy Slump

I just hit the 8 months pregnant mark. I don’t think I’ve mentioned in any previous posts that we are expecting our third child in a few weeks. I have been feeling pretty good throughout the entire pregnancy – minimal first trimester nausea, tired in the first trimester but nothing too overwhelming. Just an average …

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Sep 07

Using Grocery Lists – Saving the Grocery Budget


Recently I wrote about how our family is trying to salvage our apparently unrealistic grocery budget. I went through a list of several things we are doing (some more successful than others) to bring our spending under control, and thatyou might consider as well. We have spent the last month really pushing for improvement and …

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Jul 15

Saving the Grocery Budget

It’s that time of month again where we have our “chat” about our budget and discuss areas in need of improvement. Invariably, our grocery budget always needs discussing. Is it because I love to cook? I don’t know, but we are always over budget in this area. We strive to keep our spending in check, …

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