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Dec 28

Keeping Up With The Bills (Revised)

It’s that time of year again – time to empty out my bill folders and reset my Due Bills system for the new year. I detailed my Due Bills system a few years ago here, and I tend to share it each year at the end of December. The key part of the system is …

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Dec 08

Couponing – Saving the Grocery Budget

In my quest to improve our grocery budget and get our spending under control, I have really increased my efforts to take advantage of coupons. Because I do a lot of from-scratch cooking and avoid much of the packaged food that coupons often target, I have often been disappointed and discouraged from using them. However, …

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Nov 09

Buying in Bulk – Saving the Grocery Budget

Forty pounds of strawberries from a recent bulk produce buy. I made jam and dehydrated a fair portion of this buy.

In our continuing quest to get our grocery budget under control, we have increased our bulk buying exponentially. While there have always been items that I only buy in bulk, I am exploring other avenues to take advantage of all the bulk buying opportunities available. Here are some bulk buying resources that you can explore …

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Sep 30

Cooking from scratch – Saving the Grocery Budget

Following up on my recent posts (here, here and here) about saving our grocery budget, I wanted to spend a little more time on the benefits of cooking from scratch. I admit to being a bit of a snob when it comes to from-scratch cooking. I will always prefer pulling out a cookbook over a …

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Sep 14

Menu Planning – Saving the Grocery Budget

Following last week’s post about Sticking to a Grocery List as well as my earlier post about our family’s attempt to get our grocery budget under control, I wanted to spend a little time on another approach we are taking. I’ve tried using menu planning in the past, but often after a few weeks I …

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Sep 07

Using Grocery Lists – Saving the Grocery Budget


Recently I wrote about how our family is trying to salvage our apparently unrealistic grocery budget. I went through a list of several things we are doing (some more successful than others) to bring our spending under control, and thatyou might consider as well. We have spent the last month really pushing for improvement and …

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