Life and Fresh Salsa

This evening I made fresh salsa. I’ve made salsa before, and it is always a hit around here. I’m a firm believer in “fresh and homemade is always better.”

It really isn’t that difficult – chop some tomatoes, peppers, onions, tweak it a little, and Boom!

And yet, I can’t recall the last time before tonight we had fresh salsa, it’s just been so long.

Somehow, even with the ease of making homemade salsa, it has become easier to just grab a jar at the grocery store.

I try to give myself a healthy dose of grace when it comes to things like this. I’ve got four young children, and animals, I work and homeschool. I’ve come to realize that sometimes I have to let things go and opt for convenience for the sake of a few more free moments or one less task. Like any good manager, you’ve got to know what can be delegated and what you need to do yourself.

Since starting work this spring, I have leaned more on convenience than I have in the past. For example, I love homemade laundry soap but it’s been weeks since I’ve prepped any. I’ve gone back to Ecos for the time being to save me the prep time.

I think some soul-searching is in order: what am I willing to “delegate” to ease the burden, and what do I just have to make time for?

My short list of Keepers?

Hmm, well after tonight, I’d say salsa is on the list. I had forgotten how awesome it is when homemade. Bread is another one. Tortillas – I am struggling with this one. It involves a rolling pin so for the foreseeable future, it may get delegated. Laundry soap, delegated. I’ll be working on this list over the next several days to try and help get my already overburdened schedule under control.

How do you decide what to keep making homemade and what to delegate to being store-bought?

Anyway… about that salsa.

I tend to eyeball measurements when there is wiggle room, so I will give my best estimate on amounts. But in the end, adjust to taste.

Jalapeno Habanero Salsa


10 -12 roma tomatoes, chopped (should yield approximately 5 cups chopped)

2 jalapeno peppers, seeds removed and chopped fine

2 habanero peppers, seeds removed and chopped fine

1/2  sweet vidalia onion, diced

1/2 Tbsp coarse salt

1/4 tsp fresh ground black pepper

juice from 1 lime



To prepare:

Chop tomatoes, peppers and onions by hand or in food processor.

Add salt, pepper and lime juice and mix well to combine.

Cover and transfer to fridge to let juices mingle. Adjust to taste.

*Even with four peppers, this salsa was milder than expected. I was tempted to add a couple more since we’ve got plenty in the garden, but opted to stay mild for the sake of the children’s palates.

** Don’t be afraid to add cilantro to this! I didn’t have any on hand or it would have made it in.



tacosThis works great as a topping as well as an ingredient.

I prepped some taco filling – sauteed TVP, onions and black beans seasoned with cumin and a little coarse salt.

Before serving, I mixed in a scoop (approximately 1 cup) of salsa, being sure to get plenty of the liquid.

Topped with some Daiya vegan cheese and salsa, this simple dinner made me reconsider what I’m willing to give up for the sake of convenience.

Laundry soap? I’ll stick with store bought for now. Salsa? Only homemade will do.





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