New Product Review: Vegan Egg

I found a local source of Follow Your Heart’s new product VeganEgg. I was quite excited to try this!

Typically when I bake I use either EnerG Egg Replacer or Flax Seed, but it was interesting to see a vegan egg replacer that can actually be eaten as an egg, and not just serve as an egg replacer in baking.

I’ll be honest –  I don’t plan to use VeganEgg as an egg replacer in my baking  at this point so I can’t give any input on how it works in that regard. But VeganEgg is perfect for an awesome omelette experience!

VeganEgg is algal flour based, and comes as a powder. Two tablespoons of VeganEgg is mixed with 1/2 cup ice cold water and whisked well. Add to an oiled skillet and cook it up like scrambled eggs.

As far as flavor – it is definitely “egg-y” though it is a little bland. This works out well as you can season it to taste. I added a little salt and pepper near the end of cooking, and thought it tasted great. We even added a little Daiya cheddar to make some cheesy scrambled eggs!

This is a shelf-stable product and mixes up quick. It is definitely a good addition to the pantry for a quick breakfast option. I will be keeping VeganEgg on hand and already have plans for breakfast tacos!

Want to learn more, or locate a store that is carrying it? Check out Follow Your Heart’s website.




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