Down Home



downhome2You may have noticed but there have been a lot of changes around here.
The biggest change by far is the name.
While I have loved writing at The Vegan Bee, over the past year or so I have felt the need to move in different directions with the topics I focus on. While I love sharing vegan recipes and discussing the vegan lifestyle, that is not the only thing that defines me or the path my family is on.



downhome3In the midst of struggling with feelings of inadequacy for being unable or unmotivated to write about vegan food or vegan living, a fellow blogger that I love to read shared a wonderful and timely post.

Sarah Bessey wrote just this past week about how we lock ourselves into a defined role or brand, and we can make ourselves crazy when we need to move out of that role. That’s how I have been feeling.

When I first started this blogging adventure, I stepped into the world of vegan blogging, and I have loved it.


downhome4But as I find myself wanting to write more about family life, or building a homestead, or even homeschooling, there is a feeling of not meeting a standard, a standard I have set for myself.

But we go through seasons in life. This past year has seen us living in an empty house that was on the market, living with my parents and sharing a small kitchen, living in the woods cooking on a propane stove, and now living in a fixer upper in a kitchen that is in a perpetual state of repair. 



downhome7This is not the season to be adventurous in the kitchen. Right now we seem to be just getting by. My food posts have been few and far between this past year.

So I have decided to keep it simple.

I write about home, living, my life and family, and everything in between. Food is certainly one aspect of that, so vegan recipes and vegan things will still be a part of my blog.

But it won’t be the sole focus. Life is hectic now, with me returning to work and juggling family, homeschool, and getting our homestead off the ground. My focus has changed in this current season.



downhome1And that’s okay.

Seasons change and all we can do is embrace the change. We are now living in a small cottage in the woods, in a very small town.

Life is a lot different than it was a year ago. My new normal is not what it was. So my focus is changing as well.

I look forward to sharing in all the adventures we are going through in this new season.


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