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It’s hard to believe we have been living in our new home four months already. While we still have so many projects to do around the property and the house, I am still amazed at all we have done so far. When we first moved in, it was ROUGH living for a few weeks. But we tackled the barest of necessities (water) and everything has been moving up from there.


We typically alternate between indoor and outdoor projects, depending on if we are going stir crazy and how nice the weather is. As we get closer to Spring, though, I have been trying to spend more time outside to get ready for gardening.

 This property is already set up for extensive gardens, with regularly spaced PVC garden sprinklers. Some of the sprinklers may need repair, but otherwise the system is in place. While we have a lot of space to work with, we are planning on starting small, since much of of the property is overgrown with weeds and needs some serious TLC. With that being said, however, our first year garden is still going to be much bigger than any we’ve previously done!


One thing I am looking forward to is putting in fruit trees. We’ve been dreaming of our own fruit trees for years and finally have a chance to make it happen. We also have grapes in the middle of the side garden that hopefully will be bouncing back in the spring.


In the front of the house, we are working to make it a little more functional as well as aesthetic. A simple circular drive addition has made my life easier, and I’ve gone a little crazy with pruning shears, working to tame the overgrown azaleas in our yard. We are working to make a safe and comfortable area for the children to play, and perhaps put in a small garden bed or two this spring. More shrubs that I’d like to count were removed and we had a lot of yard debris to deal with, but it has been so worth it! Finally we have a space where the kids can play and run around.


For an indoor update:

To keep renovation costs low, we have decided to redo all the floors with plywood. We ripped out all carpeting when we first moved in, and have been tearing out all the particle board as fast as we can. After put down plywood, we are sanding, staining and sealing. Our dining room/classroom and living room are complete, and we are currently working on the study. This is the project I am most excited about! We will be putting in simple, custom-built bookshelfs and will finally be able to fully unpack our book collection!
A hopefully not-too-far-off project I will be starting is organizing our pantry. We have have two separate pantries, one with built-in shelves and one without. The one without shelves is currently housing the fridge until we redo the kitchen floor. While the extra pantry space is a nice change, it also requires a little more planning. The smaller pantry just off the kitchen, with the built-in shelves have been designated as short-term pantry space. Here is where most of our groceries go, along with a dedicated cabinet for herbs, oils and various natural products supplies. I am reserving the larger pantry for longer-term food storage. Here is where I have bulk rice and dry goods I have stocked up. I don’t need to battle bulk quantities for everyday cooking.
Stay tuned for upcoming projects around the homestead: Completing the Study and Rebuilding the Chicken Coop!

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