The End of Summer

We are wrapping up our summer, along with our extended stay in Georgia. We’ve got a few holdouts in the garden, like the grape tomatoes, green peppers and our zinnias, but the cucumbers, squash and watermelons are done.

Our green pepper plant has been productive too. Along with the tomatoes, it is one of the last plants still going strong in the heat of the summer. The new Rosemary plant is growing quite well!

Kyri has been eating the grape tomatoes straight off the branches as they become ripe, so no one else has had much opportunity to enjoy them. Maybe next year I’ll do two different tomato plants!

Kyri won’t touch a cooked tomato, but she can eat fresh tomatoes all day long. We have had a very productive grape tomato plant this summer, and she has eaten most of them straight from the branches!

I honestly didn’t realize how popular zinnias were with  butterflies until we visited the Butterfly Exhibit at the Chattahoochee Nature Center in July. I shared some of our pictures on Instagram (my favorite site for sharing pictures and keeping up with people!), but will share them here on the site as well.

Zinnias were Kyri’s choice for the garden this year, and they have been quite popular with the butterflies! We’ve had such a wonderful range of butterfly visitors to our garden this summer.

We will be heading back to Texas in a couple of weeks, just in time to start planning a fall garden!

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