Uncle Maddio’s Pizza

Dining out can be difficult when vegan. It can be especially difficult with children. So when I find a restaurant that has vegan options and is kid friendly, I get pretty excited.

While I love making my own pizza, and my husband and kids enjoy it immensely, sometimes I want the ease of going out for pizza. This isn’t easy for vegans, so you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint. A pizza shop that is close by, has a vegan crust, vegan cheese and vegan toppings, AND has a family night on Wednesday evenings where kids eat free? I’m sold!

I took the boys to dinner this week and we had a very nice experience. Uncle Maddio’s is very much like a Chipotle or Moe’s, where you go down a line and have a custom pizza built. You start with crust, then select sauce and cheese and any toppings. I found the 9-inch personal size was more than enough food for me, and the kids’ meals consist of a 6-inch pie. I got two kids meals free with my one adult meal. 

While this chain offers a fair amount of non-vegan food, it is nice to have a place that offers fresh food and a vegan option. I think we might make Wednesday night pizza a regular occurrence. 



 *** A 9-inch personal pizza with wheat crust (the only vegan crust option), Daiya cheese, tomato-basil sauce, roma tomatoes, roasted garlic and grilled tofu. It was pretty awesome!

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