Biscuits and bread

I’ve been trying to let Kyri have more kitchen responsibilities, and she has been excited to take on more tasks. This weekend she prepped a batch of biscuits for brunch, and we put together a video for one of her DIY challenges (I’ll be posting more on this soon).

I’ve shared this recipe before, and its available on my Recipes page. This is a weekly recipe around here and the kids especially love the biscuits. Kyri loves helping me prepare these.


Another DIY challenge Kyri worked on this week was baking bread. She prepped a batch (with my help) earlier in the week and did a great job. I made another batch this afternoon. I realized too late that I had run out of whole wheat flour – normally I do 100% whole wheat or a half and half mixture of whole wheat and all-purpose flour. I’ve been doing a lot of baking lately and didn’t realize I was completely out. So I made my bread with 100% unbleached all-purpose. It was such a novelty that when I gave some buttered bread to Kyri this evening, she remarked in a puzzled voice, “You made white bread?”



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