Mango and Strawberry Fruit Leathers

I recently took advantage of a couple bulk organic produce buys and ended up with 16 good sized mangos and 16 pounds of strawberries. In truth, we had a total of 32 pounds of strawberries but the first two flats were devoured by the kids.

Anyway, while most of the strawberries will be going into jam, I did want to use some for fruit leathers. My plans for the mangos were to make fruit leathers for the kids, and I thought to mix in the remaining strawberries to clear out the fridge of the rest of the bulk produce.

I sliced up 12 mangos, avoiding the fibrous material closest to the pit. I squeezed as much pulp out as possible. I put into a saucepan with approximatley 3 cups of sliced strawberries, and heated on medium for just a few minutes, until the strawberries softened up a bit and released their juice. I then pureed in the food processor in batches. I poured onto the fruit leather trays for my Nesco dehydrator. I actually did not have enough leather trays so I spread wax paper over three of my regular dehydrator trays.

I set up at 135F overnight and into the next day. I did have a little trouble getting the leathers to release from the wax paper (I should have lightly oiled the paper first!) but I brushed a little water on to get the paper to release, put back on the dehydrator trays for an additional hour and then they were ready to go into a bag.

These are a great snack!


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