Old Faithful

Our autodrip coffee maker recently crapped out on us. We have very hard water around here and even with regular maintainance cleaning with vinegar (okay maybe not that regular…) we ended up with a very clogged machine that we could not salvage. We even tried resurrecting our older autodrip machine we had kept for “parts” and even that didn’t work.

My mornings don’t really start, however, until I have a cup of coffee, so I needed a backup plan. I went rummaging into my camping gear and pulled out my trusty percolator. We’ve been using this ever since.

I love using my percolator. My only complaint, if you can even call it that, is that my percolator pot doesn’t have the little window on the top. Growing up, our camping percolator had one, and I always loved to watch the coffee bubbling in the little window.

I think initially I may have pulled out the percolator thinking it would be a short term solution while we decided on a new autodrip. But honestly, after the first pot of coffee I decided that there wasn’t any reason to replace the coffee pot.

The only thing missing from the percolator is the timer function for having a pot ready when I first wake up. But I can set everything up the night before and then turn the burner on, and have coffee within 10-15 minutes. I think I can handle that. Who else ditched their autodrip?



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