Barter and Swap

As we work to simplify our lives and be more sustainable, we have made the effort to make much of our food from scratch. We are connected to a community of like-minded folks in the area who are also walking a similar path.

This weekend we participated in a Barter and Swap meet. Several of us got together with (mostly) homemade goods – jams, bread, soap, herbal extracts, etc. We spent a little more than an hour chatting with everyone else, bartering for goods, and getting to know folks.

I brought a few jars of Blueberry jam, fresh-baked bread, peanut butter granola and chocolate syrup to trade. I also brought a few Mason jar terrariums to trade with. I came home with soap, beer, strawberry syrup, fresh onions and a few other things that Kyri traded for.

This was a great learning experience, and a wonderful opportunity to get involved in the local community. I am really excited about participating in the future. I’m already thinking ahead to what I can bring!





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