Time for Berries!

I finally finished processing the 36 pints of organic blueberries we bought through our discount produce co-op. I dehydrated several pints and vacuum sealed them. The remaining blueberries (minus the several pints that we snacked on) were made into jam and put back. I got a little over 9 pints canned, lined up nice and pretty in my pantry. I used this recipe from my Ball Book of Canning:

9 cups crushed berries

6 cups sugar

Combine and heat to boiling slowly, until sugar is dissolved. Rapidly bring to gelling point, remove from heat and ladel into prepared jars. Water bath process for 15 minutes. This should yield 3 pints each. I doubled the recipe so I was expecting 6 pints, but ended up with 9 – I may have added more blueberries than the recipe called for. The jam was plenty sweet though and gelled nicely so no complaints here!

Now to start on the 40 pounds of apples I picked up yesterday…


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