The Advent Season

We made it through Thanksgiving weekend, relaxed and very full. We don’t usually travel anymore for holidays since we live so far from our families. This has benefits (saves on travel stress and expenses and potentially splitting up for holidays) but also the unfortunate drawbacks (I miss seeing family for holidays!). But we have our family routine down and have always been a close-knit nuclear family, so we make the best of it.

I love Thanksgiving because it ushers in the start of a month of holiday celebration. I get to start off this month in the kitchen making a wonderful meal for my family, then we get to celebrate our daughter’s birthday (she’s my Thanksgiving baby – and turned six this year!), and then we start the Advent season and work toward Christmas.

I didn’t really grow up with an Advent tradition in my house. But as a parent, I really like the idea of marking each day leading up to Christmas. We don’t go Christmas crazy like a lot of people, with loads of decorations and tons of shopping and gift giving. We do like to keep it simple around here. When we started our Advent tradition a couple of years ago, I had two calendars for Kyri – one had a Scripture for each day, telling a step of the story of the birth of Christ. The second calendar was secular, with a Character trait under each day’s window – Joy, Peace, Generosity, etc. This past year we used an Advent “house” with little boxes that I filled with small treats, but I didn’t have a consistent plan for reading Scripture over the course of the month.

For this year, I have been trying to decide what approach to take for Advent – I want to incorporate Scripture-based readings as well as little treats or activities. I had heard about Truth in the Tinsel last year in blogs, but a friend happened to mention it again recently and it motivated me to read up on it more. I’ve decided that this is what we will be doing for Advent this year – it has Scripture for each day and a Christmas ornament craft for the kids to do (well Kyri at least, Ender is still too young to do the crafts himself). I am really excited for this! Kyri LOVES crafting and she is so looking forward to getting our tree already, so I think this approach will be a big hit around here. There is a Facebook page to keep up with others doing Truth in the Tinsel for Advent, and a Pinterest page for suggestions on expanding it or incorporating other activities into the Advent activities. I can’t wait to get our craft supplies in order and get started this weekend!!

My big boy Ender – this is his second Christmas season and at (almost) 18 months, he should really start getting into the various activites – crafts, decorations and even opening presents. So excited for him!

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  1. Dorothy says:

    So what does Ender like? Since he’s starting to get to the age where he has a personality and individual interests, what does he like?

    1. Koalaborg says:

      He’s really been into matchbox cars and pushing Kyri’s stroller. I was thinking he might like some kind of push toy or cart for himself. Stacking toys and wooden toys are a hit too. We were brainstorming last night for some gift ideas for him too.

      1. Dorothy says:

        I guess the big thing with him is what kind of toy would he like that Kyri would NOT like…I never got him blocks because I wasn’t sure 1. Kyri wouldn’t steal them and/or throw them and 2. if he could build much in a house with pets.

        1. Koalaborg says:

          we’ve actually got small letter blocks that he enjoys stacking, and a set of melissa and doug big wooden blocks we got for Kyri several years ago. dogs are pretty good about not knocking down masterpieces, though the occasional block gets “mistaken” for a chew toy and we have to rescue it. I think it is inevitable that Kyri’s interest will be peaked by whatever Ender has. Right now he loves pushing her stroller around (I brought in the umbrella stroller for her to use and they do laps around the living room and kitchen!). She actually wrote a wishlist to Santa and one of the two items she listed was a wooden cart for Ender (so she could have her stroller to herself again…). Honestly she is a really good big sister and even though she gets the occasional streak of possessiveness with her toys, she actually loves to share with him and often seeks out toys to give him.

          1. Dorothy says:

            That’s good. I wonder if Ender will be the same with Julian. I knew she was a good sister, and they aren’t THAT close in age…good to know.

          2. Koalaborg says:

            I’m also wondering how the closeness in age between the two boys will affect the dynamic.

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