Thanksgiving Dinner

We wanted to keep it kind of simple around here this Thanksgiving. We have our standard holiday menu – my husband likes his routine and his “usuals” and so when I plan our holiday menus I start with the core dishes.

Tofurky – I know, I know, I should spend some time making my own seitan roast, but my husband loves tofurky and so I haven’t experimented with other roasts yet. One of these days I’ll make my own seitan roast, stuffed and everything. It’s really our one “boxed” item we use for the holidays. Everything else, for the most part, I prepare from scratch. When I make my tofurky I bake with sliced potatoes, carrots, onion and celery and then add the Tofurky Giblet gravy when its done baking.

I think the one exception was last Thanksgiving when I came across a vegan stuffing (in a bag…egad!) that I decided to try – it worked and I honestly planned to use it again this year, but forgot to pick up at the store. Dinner is just the immediate family so it really isn’t necessary to have so many extra side dishes, so I decided dinner sans stuffing was meant to be.

The sides – Along with our tofurky (we have a growing family, so this year I cooked two), I always make mashed potatoes, corn, broccoli and cornbread. This is our basic meal plan each holiday. I add a side or two, and usually two desserts – this is where I get to try something different.

Last year, I roasted an acorn squash and seasoned with butter and cinnamon – I enjoyed it but it wasn’t really a hit with the rest of the family – not enough pizazz I guess. So this year, I made a simple creamed spinach side. This was a hit! I also bought a can of jellied cranberry sauce – its been a long time since having this and I bought it on a whim.

Gravy – I stick with our tried and true country gravy that I make for chickpea cutlets. I slightly modified the country gravy recipe I found from the box of Tofurky years ago, and its been my go-to gravy ever since.


Dessert – For dessert, I prepped a pumpkin pie and a batch of mini apple pies – done the night before so I didn’t spend the whole day in the kitchen like I usually do. I was going to make up a batch of whipped cream, but for some cruel reason, my coconut milk, which has been chilling in the fridge for the better part of a week, did not solidify so I couldn’t pull the solid cream layer off. I transferred to tupperware to try again (it still hasn’t separated), but this did break my heart. Luckily I had picked up some Nadamoo ice cream to accompany the apple pie, so all was not lost.



Everyone enjoyed the meal. I’m already thinking ahead to my sides and desserts for Christmas dinner!


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  1. Dorothy says:

    I’ve never liked stuffing. I think it is gross. :-) I read on Sweet & Sara’s page that there were coupons for her marshmallows in tofurky packages. Did you get any? Apparently the creator of the tofurky is a big fan of her.

    1. Koalaborg says:

      I don’t usually care for stuffing either, but last year I happened to sample some at Central Market and it was pretty good, so we had that particular brand. I opted to buy two tofurky roasts instead of the tofurky feast, which comes with a roast, the gravy and a chocolate cake. In years past I have seen the Sweet and Sara coupons in the feast package, but alas, not when just buying the roast. I couldn’t find any Sweet and Sara mallows at WF, I was disappointed. :(

  2. Deborah Williams says:

    Thanks for sharing pics of your vegan thanksgiving. Looks so delicious! This coming thanksgiving is my first one being vegan. I was trying to think ahead so that it can be an enjoyable one. Where did you purchase the tofurky? Do you have to order it?
    Thanks again for sharing, Deb Williams

    1. Michelle says:

      I usually get tofurky at Whole Foods or HEB Central Market (a Texas chain). They are typically stocked throughout the year at Whole Foods, and closer to the holidays they increase their stocks. hope that helps!

      1. Deborah Williams says:

        Yes that does help immensely! Thanks

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