Fall Gardening

I am going into my second winter here in San Antonio. Having lost my summer garden some time in August due to the heat and dry conditions, I am looking forward to some cooler weather crops. This Spring we had an overabundance of leaf lettuces, and this Fall I want to take advantage of our extended growing season.

I am getting a later start than I probably should, but this weekend I will be cleaning out the beds and getting the soil ready.  One of our local nurseries has a great gardening calendar and I will be heading there this weekend to see what fall plants they have available. We will also be using sheet plastic for makeshift cold frames so I hope to be able to extend our growing season.

Beyond lettuces, chard, and kale, which I had much success with this past year in our early Spring garden and which I expect to do well in our Fall garden, I would like to try a couple of other things:








We had some success with radishes and carrots this Spring, but the rest will be new for us. I am trying to not be overly ambitious, since I am nearly seven months pregnant and I am really the sole gardener around here. I can get the husband to help with heavy work when needed but the everyday tending falls to me (and my kiddo sidekick) so I don’t want to put in so many plants that I can’t manage.

I’m still working on my Spring planting lists – I hope to be a bit more ambitious, including getting berry bushes put in. But one thing at a time… I’ll get the fall garden going first before I let myself get too absorbed in Spring planting. I’ll update my list after my nursery visit this weekend.

Black Simpson lettuce from our early Spring garden. We did very well with letuces this past Spring. This will be our first try at a Fall garden, and will include more Simpson lettuce, which we loved, along with other greens.


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