Apr 10

Pinto beans with spinach and broccoli

As we move into warmer weather (we are already in the mid-80’s here in South Texas!) I am losing my desire to be in front of a hot stove for very long. I am looking for meals that involve my crockpot and minimal range time. I am trying to avoid the oven except for baking bread. As a result, dinners are becoming a lot simpler around here. Sometimes I get stuck in the mindset that I need to have an entree, a couple of sides, maybe some bread and salad for dinner to be complete.

Not so!

Sometimes salad is the meal, or a humble bowl of beans and veggies. Or a simple sandwich. Hearty meals can wait until we have some cooler weather.

I try to have some beans cooking in the crockpot every couple of days to keep us stocked up for the week. This week, I made a simple batch of pinto beans in the crockpot- no seasoning, just a little coarse salt thrown in near the end. I cut the larger spinach leaves from my lettuce bed out back and sauteed them in a little olive oil. I tossed in some broccoli and the pinto beans. I served with some fresh bread I had baked earlier in the day. Such a simple meal, and so satisfying!

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