Spring garden production


I’m not sure how much longer Spring will last around here, with the temperatures already creeping up into the 80s, but I have had some wonderful veggies coming out of the garden so far. We have an entire box of lettuce, and it has been producing quite well, so I am currently in salad heaven. I’ve let my spinach grow (no more baby spinach for salads) so I can saute spinach in stir fry. While I have some mesclun mix and arugula growing, the brunt of the lettuce is black seed lettuce, and I love it! My lettuce box will need covering soon, as it is in full sun. We are currently in the process of putting in several more raised beds, and there is a spot with more shade that make for a better lettuce box, but for now, this is what I have to work with.

I have had carrots and radishes, and my cabbage and broccoli plants are still growing. If the higher temps hold off a little longer, I may actually get to eat some – I haven’t given up hope yet. I have started transplanting tomatoes into my raised bed – some purple varieties, tomatillos, mortage lifters, and cherry tomatoes. the purple varieties already have blossoms, and I’ve got small tomatillos already growing. This entire box will be dedicated to tomatoes, so that I can (hopefully) put some up for later in the year. We should have additional boxes ready this weekend, and they are sorely needed. I have seeds and seedlings ready to go in the dirt!

I compost kitchen scraps around here, and I’m not always the most patient when it comes to adding my finished compost. I mixed some (mostly) finished compost into the beds recently, and now I have a larger pumpkin plant growing in the corner of the lettuce bed. I’ve guided the vine out of the box to not crowd the spinach. Once my new beds are ready it will get relocated.

I’m hoping that by frequent watering and the use of shade cloths, I can maintain my garden, even in the hottest part of our summer. Last year was a real scorcher and the few plants I tried did not make it (we were in stage 3 drought, and had a long string of triple digit days!). I am hoping for better results this year.

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