Mar 22

Hash browns and italian sausage

We usually try to keep it pretty healthy around here for breakfast – oatmeal, peanut butter on homemade bread, or a smoothie. On the weekends we usually splurge and have oatmeal cinnamon pancakes and veggies sausage, but even that is fairly healthy. So I’m not really sure what got into me, but I got the urge to make a “waffle-house”-esque breakfast recently. I cooked up some italian sausage (Grain Co. is THE BEST!) in a cast iron skillet, and while this was cooking I prepped a batch of hash browns. After washing and peeling a half dozen medium russets, I put them through my food processor – using the shred attachment. I immediately put the shredded potatoes into a big mixing bowl filled with salted ice water (this keeps them from turning a gross gray color). I then sauteed chopped onion in a little canola oil on my cast iron griddle. After the onions were just turning translucent, I took handfuls of shredded potatoes from the water, squeazed out the excess water, and then added them to the griddle.I let the potatoes cook until golden brown, flipping halfway through so both sides were brown. I had placed the shredded potatoes directly on top of the onions, so when I was flipping them (I actually flipped a couple of times) the onions were mixed into the potatoes quite nicely. I then folded a little Daiya mozzerella cheece into the potatoes (I told you they were decadent) and served with the italian sausage. I did the remaining potatoes sans onions since apparently they are the most recent “yuck” food around here for Kyri. So delicious!



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