Dinnertime roundup

I’ve fallen behind in my posts recently but have a backlog of food porn to share. These are from the last two weeks of cooking.

Now that I have found a source for Daiya cheese nearby (ok, its a 40 minute drive but I try to couple the trip with a visit to the fabulous Great Sage restaurant, which is right next door…), I’ve tried incorporating into a few dishes that I enjoy making. I am a big fan of one-pot and one-skillet meals, and I recently made a potato skillet meal using local red potatoes from the Farmers Market, local green onions from a coworker’s garden, and black beans (alas these came from a can…). After sauteeing the potatoes and onion, I added the black beans, and sprinkled the Daiya Mozzerella and Cheddar cheeses over the top. I then put the cast iron skillet directly into the oven (approx. 375 F) for maybe 15 or 20 minutes to melt the cheese. I kept the seasoning minimal here – fresh ground salt and pepper. It was an awesome dish!

Normally I love to make pizza from scratch, making a quick pizza dough, with Gimme Lean veggie sausage, and a nooch-based cheesy sauce. However, I recently found a ready to go vegan pizza crust at the co-op and decided to make a simple cheese pizza using the Daiya cheese. While I don’t mind putting the time required into a from-scratch pizza, I have to say that it is nice to be able to throw together a quick pizza that is ready in 10 minutes. I have an okay picture of the end result. Not my greatest food porn shot, but you get the idea. A simple, quick and yummy pizza.

Another meal is one that has really become a family favorite. I have really become a fan of collard greens, and most other dark leafy greens, and this dish is a simple, one skillet meal that is very filling. Field Roast Apple Sage vegan sausage, cannelini beans (any white bean will do – I’ve used Great Northern beans on occasion for this dish…), carrots and collard greens. I first sautee up the sausage in my cast iron skillet, then remove and put to the side. Then I sautee up chopped carrots for a few minutes until they start to soften up a little. I add the chopped greens (I use one bunch but two would work in a slightly larger skillet) and cook until they are wilted. After removing from the heat, the beans (two cans) are added, and the sausage is returned to the skillet and nestled into the other ingredients. I drizzle a 1/4 cup water over the food to help the flavors mingle and then a sprinkle of crushed crackers or breadcrumbs on top. Again, I prefer simple seasonings, and this dish works best with a little fresh ground salk and pepper, and sage sprinkled over the top.. Finally, the skillet is put into the oven for 20-25 minutes at 400 F. This is a great stand alone dish and a simple side of bread and a salad definitely makes for a well rounded meal.

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